Summer Internship | Who is your Mentor?

Himanshu singh
4 min readJun 14, 2021

It was an immense pleasure and excitement to attend my first summer training of 45 days in Linux World, Jaipur. I had some prior knowledge and heard of some of the technologies in the Software and IT industry. Being at Linux World and under the able guidance of Mr. Vimal Daga who was itself a privilege. Mr. Vimal Daga is a pioneer who has been polishing students and equipped them to face the challenges of the latest technologies in the current growing world. The man proved that every Engineering student has the hidden talent within them and it just needs the right key to unlock it and show his/her potential. I also managed to certify myself, clearing AWS CSA.

Today I fell empowered in technologies like Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Dockers, Ansible, Augmented Reality and much more. I now have thorough knowledge about all these technologies and can implement them myself in the practical world. After this training, my area of interests have grown and I have realized about the various technologies that are being used and worked upon on the market. I now feel confident in using Kubernetes, TensorFlow, AWS, Splunk, etc. These technologies are widely used by companies around the world for their day to day jobs. I am capable of implementing my very own CAAS (Container as a service), SASS (Software as a Service ) using Dockers, I have created projects on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, along with that I have also worked on Augmented Reality and IOT.

During these 45 days I have worked upon multiple projects which I want to explain , I created a python script which when run will configure and deploy multiple containers this can be very useful for companies as they always need to deploy multiple containers on an everyday basis , I used Deep Learning to predict whether a person has diabetes based on their symptoms and health, I used multiple hidden layers and a Grid Search to determine the best count for the number of epochs and batch size to get the best accuracy , I designed my own cloud in which I was able to provide services this was a very interesting project because I was able to understand how cloud service providers like AWS, Azure are built and how they operate . Using OpenCV I created a photo filter system which will allow a user to apply filters to a photo. These are some of the few projects I worked upon other than my main 2 projects.

Our Start-up idea V-MENTOR aims to empower all the students around the world and provide efficient guidance to students. Students have multiple career options and every student is confused about what they should do and what really interests them, Students wish to choose a path which they will not regret in the future, students need someone who can guide them and answer all their doubts.

To counter this demanding problem we have worked on our start-up idea V-Mentor, it is a platform where students can ask their career-related question and the answers will be provided. To make the product interactive we used Augmented Reality and for the verbal communication, we used NLP, in the back end a powerful machine learning recommendation system was used to guide the students. The project was guided by Sir Vimal Daga.

The other product was made to ease the workflow of major companies. Suppose you have more than 100 systems and each system needs a different configuration and has a different use, How will you manage this, we use automation tools like Ansible but is there a way this could be even easier ….

Using Ansible and Python we created an interactive website in which when a command is spoken the application will automatically configure the required system based on what the user has demanded. We have used Ansible in the backend and Python CGI to communicate with the user (mostly company admins) and Ansible. The product has a face recognition system which increases security and is very to use. We have added multiple services like Dockers, CAAS, web services, machine learning for a data set and even a data analysis service. The product is based on the voice so its very simple to use. The product was supervised and approved by Vimal Daga Sir.

To sum up everything when I first arrived I was not sure as to what would happen and I was not confident as to whether I could learn all these technologies in 45 days , but then working on various projects with my team , troubleshooting problems , helping others , giving mock tests , obtaining some of the most toughest certification along with my friends , staying up till morning 6 Am to work on the projects in 45 days I guess I have changed and pushed my limits to great extents, I have learned a lot and got lots of exposure and connected with many people . I have left the place but the culture of that place still remains and that is something that I want to spread in my college and everywhere.

Thank You Vimal Daga Sir, Preeti Mam and all the members of the Linux World Family, this is an experience I will forever remember and cherish.



Himanshu singh

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